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We understand you may have questions and we're always happy to help you understand how our program works. If the FAQ below does not answer your question, just visit our Customer Support page and submit your request. We'll forward that to someone who can get you the answers.

Here are a few of the more common questions we receive:

Buy Local Deals Basics

What is BuyLocalDeals?

Buy Local Deals is a universal loyalty program that offers unique and exceptional rewards to locally-owned places you love. Simple as that.

How do I become a Member?

Just download the free mobile app for iPhone or Android.

How Does Buy Local Deals Work?

Easy! Receive special discounts and rewards from local merchants with of your Buy Local Deals mobile app. Keep in Mind: Deals are specific to each business and can only be used for redemption at that location. Redeem rewards by presenting the deal or reward screen on your phone show to the store employee for redemption!

Where can I find places to use the App?

You can check out BuyLocalDeals locations at Participating businesses are tagged with a category pin. To get that business’ information, click on the pin. If on the go, you can view locations in our mobile app. Just click “Category” on the home screen to find businesses near you.

Why don't you have deals from my favorite store?

We're working hard to team with up with major retailers as well as small local merchants, and we're adding more Buy Local Deals and offers daily, so your favorite store may be listed soon! The best thing to do is simply ask your local merchant to contact us, and we'll get them set up. You can also request a store and we'll see what we can do to make it happen!

Can I see coupons on my SmartPhone or Mobile device?

Absolutely, of course you'll need the Buy Local Deals APP. It will detect smartphone and mobile devices and display a list of active offers from merchants in your community. Simply click the detail page for the retailer to see which deals they currently offer. Just show the app/deal screen to the retailer to redeem it.

Does the Buy Local program only work locally?

NO. The BuyLocalDeals website and APP are designed to work anywhere in the world and can be rolled out into any community. We are currently in discussions with several national and international organizations who are looking to build up their local community and help business owners reach more local consumers.

If you would like the BuyLocalDeals program to work in your community, contact us and we'll let you know if we are working with any organizations in your area.

Where do you get the coupons?

Unlike other services, we're not a "coupon aggregator." Instead, we work directly with merchants and retailers to bring you exclusive deals and offers only available through the Buy Local Deals Program. This ensures that when you use the Buy Local Deals app, the retailer honors it.

I tried to redeem a deal, but the cashier wouldn't accept it. What do I do?

We work directly with merchants so this kind of thing should not happen. That said, new employees or cashiers who haven't been trained might not know about the Buy Local Deals program and might not know how to redeem the deal. If this happens, please contact us and tell us the details, and we'll reach out to the merchant to help them educate their staff.

What's the fine print?

  • Discounts exclude taxes and gratuity.
  • You cannot combine your Buy Local Deal discount with any other offer.
  • Discount terms vary between merchants and regions.
  • Discounts other than the posted discount may be offered by the merchant.
  • Discount offers and specials are the sole obligation of the merchant.
  • The app offers have no cash value.
  • Download the Buy Local Deals App to your phone, and use it daily. New establishments and deals are added constantly, so check back often!

I got a new phone. Did I lose all of my BuyLocalDeals Rewards?

All BuyLocalDeals acitivity is tied to your phone number and email address. As long as you are logged into your app with the same email address and password used with your old phone, the app on your new phone will have all of your rewards.

Understanding Rewards a.k.a BuyLocalPerks!

How do I redeem rewards?

Just use your mobile device like you normally would and you will see a list of rewards for that business! Choose the reward you’d like to redeem, confirm it and show the nearest employee the confirmation screen to receive your verification code.

How do I know when I've reached my reward

Your redemption screen will change and present you with your special reward value. Simply show that to the merchant to redeem that reward.

What happens to my reward total after I redeem a reward?

The value of the reward is removed from your account and you begin again to earn point for the next reward.

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